Weekly Photograp – 01/11/2010 (Sorry for the lateness)

The irony... is that life is not colourful at all.

Credit –
Photo & edit – me


Hatsune Miku – In Uk news [late]

I know i’m late but it was great to see… news related to Japan’s entertainment section. =] I hope next time will be AKB48 or Morning Musumefingers crossed

Below will be some of my fav. songs sang by Miku and pics.

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Weekly photograp – 25/10/2010

" The feeling is still there... to smile. "

Photographer – Usagi
Editor – Kumako (me)

[Credits (In the pics) – Sadip, Tara]

Weekly photograp – 18/10/2010

Title: Going back to where we started

“If only we could return back to where we were… “

Photographer: Usagi
Editor: Kumako

Okay. I’m going to start posting pics weekly I took or pics that are taken by my friend; Usagi. (+with quotes by me.)

Hyperjapan – 02/10/2010

Attended hyperjapan instead of MCM expo but i didn’t get disappointed. I really liked the show and how big companies were there. Kudos to Ace (Smile250), neha, sagar, tharjan and birthday girl bindu. Also spotted Meimi132 and ddotark. =)

Here are some pics of the main event –

One of the japan's cute ambassador.

One of the japan's cute ambassador.

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September 2010 (College updates)

School college started around 6th September.

Timetable [blanks are free time]

The blanks are free time… the only day i prefer is Thursday – 2 lessons ❤

View on first month of 2 year of my college? Not very great but survivable. Subjects i took = btec media (2 years), 2 btec business (2 years) and maths. Btec are courseworks and maths is exam. That means now most of the up-coming post will include me ranting about all the courseworks that will be due. XP

Up-coming post for definite this October will be on the following –

  • D5000
  • Hyperjapan (if i get the tickets on the door)

Rants on glasses(megane)

Sad news… I just found out that I have megane (glasses) fetish. I knew I like megane’s and I also wear one but this is- SO not…

Now I think about it I really had wanted to wear glasses since I thought my lil cousin looks pretty cool with his glasses on.

Right now I’m surfing url’s like http://www.pixiv.net and deviantart.com to find pics which has megane.

Also, this is what happened to my tabs when I was searching for pics…

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