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The Cat returns – Review

The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns is very very friendly animation done by Studio Ghibli. Also, I thought it was very different from other animations done by Hayoa Mizazaki which i think was because it had a different director- Hiroyuki Morita and the main character was older than other characters of the animation done by Studio Ghibli. If one hasn’t watch this animation movie yet then they should since they will get a broad view of Studio Ghibli and its one of the must watch animation from Ghibli.

The movie; The cat returns begins with a clumsy High schooler; Haru. She has a shy and quiet personality. One day, while she is heading home from school with her close friend; Chika. She sees a odd-eyed (different colour) cat crossing a busy road while carrying a present and she saves the cat from getting hit from a cat. The ood-eyed cat; Lune thanks Haru for saving him and he promises her to return the favor for saving him.

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