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08/11/2010 – Weekly Photograph

Wish... to go back to my childhold

Info on author:
Well… I really haven’t been lucky to have good childhood memories like my great friends that surround me. For example – no close friends like now, had TV with 2/3 channel so had to go over to my cousins house to watch something good, no great technology like gameboy/computer/dvd player so had to pop out for that too >.>
But I don’t really regret it (don’t really know how much of that is the truth)


September 2010 (College updates)

School college started around 6th September.

Timetable [blanks are free time]

The blanks are free time… the only day i prefer is Thursday – 2 lessons ❤

View on first month of 2 year of my college? Not very great but survivable. Subjects i took = btec media (2 years), 2 btec business (2 years) and maths. Btec are courseworks and maths is exam. That means now most of the up-coming post will include me ranting about all the courseworks that will be due. XP

Up-coming post for definite this October will be on the following –

  • D5000
  • Hyperjapan (if i get the tickets on the door)

Work exp – 28/06 till 02/07 (What i do during my lunch time)

This time it was in Hunslow’s Solicitor. The location of it is very close to high street shops.

Last day of high school – 18/06/2010

Officially today my high school life has ended and also the last day of GCSE exam as well which was citizenship for me.



What I will miss about high school?

School uniform

School uniform

Will miss most of my friends...

most of my friends...

Well now I have no exams till September… but will be going to school to get my GCSE result which is near the end of August. > (Doki doki – heartbeat) <

But the up-coming event is PROM (don’t know if I will be going or not) Date – 22/06/10 (i think)

Studying with Rasberyl

OKay… since i was bored to practice some Japanese words (romaji) so i decided to study with my tutor – Rasberyl

Studying with Rasberyl-sensei

Studying with Rasberyl-sensei

Studying with Rasberyl-sensei

Angry Rasberyl-sensei (since i didn't listen to her)

School life – Year 11 (My sstudent life rant!)

Year 11 is hard ;_; lol I guess every year is but having 2 mock exams than 1 time sure puts lots of pressure on the students (good & bad).

For example…

By the end of this month our class has to submit 4 English coursework (where i still have one to do) and have to do 2 oral presentations for English ( a individual talk and drama).

In addition, the individual talk is this coming monday and we have to practice during this weekend >.> (I probably will be talking about anime again!) T__T

Today’s day

Well, had science test on chemistry which I think I did pretty bad.

Also, had my English literature test back where I got C and Maths paper to where I got 45 & 38 out of 60 (2 papers).

In addition, we had a maths joke during the lesson:

circle theorem

The question was why PAQ was 90 degree.

And one of my friend wrote it was because it has a square in the angle A.

T__T (don’t mind if you dont get it)