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Rise by kumako08
Rise, a photo by kumako08 on Flickr.

With every rising sun I tend feel like I am the only one in this whole universe who is cowardly as a person can get.


Rants – Changing

I am afraid to change. Being in a forgein country now for six years I should already be fimilar to its cultural and its surroundings. However, deep down in my head I already know my answer – I can’t. Since, It is not the change I’m afraid of. Its the fear that once I change I will not be able to stop myself in the right stage.

During, my talks between my parents and other Asian parents they always talk about we Asian change ourself to be like “white” people – act like them, do things in their way. I don’t really agree with that phrase as I think once you come to a foreign country you tend to change; be it for your own good or to make others think you are good enough for them.

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