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Rise by kumako08
Rise, a photo by kumako08 on Flickr.

With every rising sun I tend feel like I am the only one in this whole universe who is cowardly as a person can get.


Rants on glasses(megane)

Sad news… I just found out that I have megane (glasses) fetish. I knew I like megane’s and I also wear one but this is- SO not…

Now I think about it I really had wanted to wear glasses since I thought my lil cousin looks pretty cool with his glasses on.

Right now I’m surfing url’s like and to find pics which has megane.

Also, this is what happened to my tabs when I was searching for pics…

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Figure wishlist

Never thought I would be doing this but its good to make wish-list here than store in my hard drive which i will ever remember. (Too bad that there are less boy/male figures >.>

Revoltech Series Danboard Action Figure

Price – (£20.00)



Price – (£65)

Seena PVC Swimsuit Ver.

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Things my friends and I did in maths ❤ despite the fact we had to do some maths XP (Ramen (Hot & Spicy!) is not included)

Winter 09/10 – First Impression of winter anime – So Ra No Wo To ep 1

Okay thought I would try this out~

Well since my net will be working slow for this month which means can’t dl the new ep’s of the new anime so will be posting pictures from google~

Sora No Woto (Sound of the Sky)

Opening Sequence:

(Hikari no Senritsu) by Kalafina. Pretty nice song with nice lyrics, meaning and touching. (Hikari no Senritsu) by Kalafina rocked for Kara no Kyoukai theme songs but they rocked it here too!

Ep 1:

Our main character of So Ra No Wo To, Sorami Kanata joins army to learn music a.k.a so she can play the trumpet. Sorami Kanata later arrives at tow n of Seize where she is assigned and the town is having a festival . She ends up participating in the festival and gets her uniformed soaked in dye. Read More…

New year Resolution!

taiga from toradora

Taiga new Year

Happy Early New Year~ Hope you guys have a wonderful tiger year~ ^^

well I guess its time for this now; here it is:

  1. be more thoughtful; in school, RL (real life), family
  2. be less more lazy since I really am one for example i can’t even be asked to make noddles ;_;
  3. collect enough money to buy a tablet by January
  4. write more posts
  5. be less depressed since most of my 2009 where 99.9% depressing days  (100% [1d.p])
  6. revise for my test and get good grades.
  7. Last but not least, just end each day of 2010 with a smile and no regrets

P.S most of the resolution are only competed like 1% which is to watch anime as more as i can >.> Also I haven’t regretted any days of this 2009. some pics:

Recent days…anime of 2009

Okay let’s see…. have sore throat today and mom said to go to the doctor but don’t wanna since I hate them! Also haven’t been able to sleep as 3 people in a king size bed in not enough space ;_; In addition, I figured out that listening to sad songs can make feel people down =(

Have  4 school work to d but haven’t finished one >__< only 6 more days before school starts again!

Any how since most of the time all i do is watch anime here are the list of top ten 2009 anime but recently haven’t got time to watch ainme cause of someone who i talk to in MSN >__< Thanks to that have lots of anime to watch in my list but have school so ;_;

Top 10 Anime of 2009:

1. K-ON!

2. Cannan

3. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

4. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

5. Sasameki Koto

6. Taishō Baseball Girls

7. GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class

8. Umi Monogatari: Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto

9. Natsu no Arashi!

10. Strike Witches

Top 2 Movies/OVAs of 2009:

1. Detective Conan: Raven Chaser

2. Eureka seven: Sleep tight young lovers

Top 2 Songs of 2009:

1. only my railgun – fripside

2. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari – supercell