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Rise by kumako08
Rise, a photo by kumako08 on Flickr.

With every rising sun I tend feel like I am the only one in this whole universe who is cowardly as a person can get.


15/11/2010 – Weekly Photograph

Tangled - my life.

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I took this picture since it reminded of how life is. There are many paths which has their own version of life for one.
Somehow it reminds me of myself… as I always end-up wanting to do many things and it never goes anywhere. Now, I’m only waiting patiently for the right string which will lead me straight to my life as an adult.

08/11/2010 – Weekly Photograph

Wish... to go back to my childhold

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Well… I really haven’t been lucky to have good childhood memories like my great friends that surround me. For example – no close friends like now, had TV with 2/3 channel so had to go over to my cousins house to watch something good, no great technology like gameboy/computer/dvd player so had to pop out for that too >.>
But I don’t really regret it (don’t really know how much of that is the truth)

Weekly Photograp – 01/11/2010 (Sorry for the lateness)

The irony... is that life is not colourful at all.

Credit –
Photo & edit – me

Hatsune Miku – In Uk news [late]

I know i’m late but it was great to see… news related to Japan’s entertainment section. =] I hope next time will be AKB48 or Morning Musumefingers crossed

Below will be some of my fav. songs sang by Miku and pics.

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