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08/11/2010 – Weekly Photograph

Wish... to go back to my childhold

Info on author:
Well… I really haven’t been lucky to have good childhood memories like my great friends that surround me. For example – no close friends like now, had TV with 2/3 channel so had to go over to my cousins house to watch something good, no great technology like gameboy/computer/dvd player so had to pop out for that too >.>
But I don’t really regret it (don’t really know how much of that is the truth)


Weekly photograp – 18/10/2010

Title: Going back to where we started

“If only we could return back to where we were… “

Photographer: Usagi
Editor: Kumako

Okay. I’m going to start posting pics weekly I took or pics that are taken by my friend; Usagi. (+with quotes by me.)