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David’s Fall –

David's Fall by kumako08
David’s Fall, a photo by kumako08 on Flickr.

It was very great to see this. Above the ground it looked like a normal fall with no end. However, the atmosphere in this place was amazing.



Rise by kumako08
Rise, a photo by kumako08 on Flickr.

With every rising sun I tend feel like I am the only one in this whole universe who is cowardly as a person can get.

Hyperjapan – 02/10/2010

Attended hyperjapan instead of MCM expo but i didn’t get disappointed. I really liked the show and how big companies were there. Kudos to Ace (Smile250), neha, sagar, tharjan and birthday girl bindu. Also spotted Meimi132 and ddotark. =)

Here are some pics of the main event –

One of the japan's cute ambassador.

One of the japan's cute ambassador.

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London Expo (Saturday) Part 2

Part 2 –
If you guys out there know japanese and interested in doujin books then they had some but most of them were YAOI and H-doujin.

Yaoi Yuri


In London Expo on 30th May. There were many cosplayers but I only have some few photos. Here are my favorites cosplyers of that day –
Black Butler

Reallly tired to link to the other photos so check my flickr out.

London Expo (Saturday) Part 1

Took off from home at 8:15am arrived there around 11 ‘ish.
However, the queue was very very long T__T I was very amazed by the amount of attendees. ¬3¬

On the other hand, the hall was very packed so was hard to move around but it was fun.
Took lots of pics of cosplayers. ^^

My loot was very cheap – only £21.00.
However, out of £50.00 I only have £5.00 with me now. (other expenses = train fair, drinks, noodles)

Anyhow, Thanks to my other 4 friends in the group for going with me – Neha, Sabina and Monica.

p.s I will post pics asap when i get them on here and flickr and facebook ^^

An unexpected pacakage… (competition – uk-anime)

While I was down that I couldn’t go out with my friends today so I was sitting in-front of my computer watching Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple . I heard a knock on the door and my sibilings where off to see who it was. Afterwards, two of the came back with a package…

Anyway will watch the series asap after I get some free-time since I’ve exams up-coming. >__<

Thank for uk-anime doing the competition and beez ent. for the box-set

13/04/2010 – Danny’s event

Danny Choo!

Danny Choo = a kool guy

The event’s schedule/presentations –

His life till this year eg – how he came to know about Japanese culture, manga, anime and
How he worked in Japanese store to make his Japanese better.
Jobs he did – also how he went to comfort zone (which is bad!)

About his work:

  • – web hosting for Good Smile Company and Cospa
  • Otacool (magazine)
  • Chinka (To put of fire) – Ova later
  • DCTV (Dannychoo’s TV) – If it gets popular with folks in japan more than one episode ^^ time – On Tokyo TV In June (9th???)
  • Then his interest:
    Anime –

Mirai-chan's merchandise

Dollfie –

left to right - danny's daughters n some attendees daughters

Looking dollfie in real life makes me wanna buy them. However, I heard that just adopting daughters cost at least £400. ;_; I hope I can see more dollfie more ^^

Fast cars –
if they are only Ita-sha which are anime cars. In addition, the translation of Ita-sha is painful cars which i will let you wonder why.


um... LOL

um... LOL

Last but not least, he talked about how is it important not to only learn Japanese and also other things if one
wants to be more than a english teacher.

However, we had to deal with this blue “death” projection T__T (a.k.a – the projector not working)
Also, I was kind of down that we didn’t have question time to ask Danny ;__;

After the presentations we went to reception to mingle and got 4 business cards altogether. Also, it was fun making the cards.

Business "meishi" card

People who attend –

Talked to about 4/5 new people ^_^ very very nice people.
Some of the people where not really into anime and figures which was quite surprising but they were interested into japanese culture.

Group photo –

Group Photo (from left: Sabina, Me, Emily (meimei132) and Dannychoo

Thanks to Sabina for the pics ^^