Happy new year – Rants and Resolution!

Year of the Rabbit "usagi"

Year of the Rabbit "usagi"

Happy new year to all of you out there and also a late happy 2 years anniversary to my blog =]

I can only say I am looking forward to the new year and what it holds for me. I hope everyone of you out there are positively looking forward to it as I am.

Here is the last years resolution post.

Talking about last years resolution I think i have learned and have come to believe – Accept the life it comes by and always be positive. (well easily said but very hard to do)

Lets, move into this years one.

New Years Resolution, no. 1 –
Work harder in everything like; college, photography, family life.

New Years Resolution, no. 2 –
Be more efficient; time.

New Years Resolution, no. 3 –
Be ready to take any criticism.


One response to “Happy new year – Rants and Resolution!”

  1. mrskye08 says :

    hi! it’s been awhile, how’s my little sister? =) i’m your crunchyroll brother. well belated happy new year… and happy valentine’s too. i hope you’re doing fine

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