The Cat returns – Review

The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns is very very friendly animation done by Studio Ghibli. Also, I thought it was very different from other animations done by Hayoa Mizazaki which i think was because it had a different director- Hiroyuki Morita and the main character was older than other characters of the animation done by Studio Ghibli. If one hasn’t watch this animation movie yet then they should since they will get a broad view of Studio Ghibli and its one of the must watch animation from Ghibli.

The movie; The cat returns begins with a clumsy High schooler; Haru. She has a shy and quiet personality. One day, while she is heading home from school with her close friend; Chika. She sees a odd-eyed (different colour) cat crossing a busy road while carrying a present and she saves the cat from getting hit from a cat. The ood-eyed cat; Lune thanks Haru for saving him and he promises her to return the favor for saving him.

When Haru gets home she asks her mom if cats can talk or not. Then, she finds about about her childhood memory where she said to her she could talk to the cat she helped by giving them food (Takoyaki). Later, in the night Haru hears cat’s meowing in her street where she is awoken. She gets up and goes out where she meets the King of the Cat kingdom coming to thank her for saving his son and gives her list of things which is told will be fulfilled later in the morning which includes catnip and mice. She is also offered to meet the prince of the cat kingdom she saved which she gives a mixed reply.

In confusion she hears a voice saying she should seek help from the Cat Bureau which she finds by following a cat named Muta (who is very fat). Muta leads her to meet Baron who is given name by his creator (artist) and she also meets the crow; Toto. Soon after meeting three of them, Haru is forced to leave for the Cat kingdom. She is followed by Baron and Toto though air. They all have pass though a magical hope which connects the earth and the cat kingdom… from birds eye view the entrance to Cat Kingdom looks like a cat’s paw.

When she pays the king a visit she starts to turn to a real cat; whiskers, cat ears and paws so she is suitable to marry the prince. During the feast, Baron disguises himself and dances with Haru. This is when they find out that if Haru starts liking the cat life then she will become more like a cat and Baron tells her to belief in her self. However, the King notices that Baron is not from the cat kingdom so he orders his guard to kill Baron and capture Haru. So a cat named; Yuki helps them get out the palace and she is also the voice who told Haru to get help from Baron.

Haru, Baron and Muta escape from the palace and enter the maze made by the King to get to the exist; a tower. There are various traps in the maze but they all make is safe to the tower. However, the King is not happy so he blows up the walls supporting the exist, tower.

Lune and his fellow guards return to Cat Kingdom due to the message the King send to his son saying it was urgent. Then, we learn that the Prince is not interested in marrying Haru but wants to get married to Yuki. Also, Yuki says that Haru was the one who saved her when she was hungry (referring to the childhood memory). Then Lune tells Haru that is she climbs to the top of the tower then she and others can still escape. Nonetheless, the King now wants to have Haru as his bride so starts climb the tower to stop Haru from escaping. However, he is stopped by Baron.

Finally, Haru and others escape from the Cat Kingdom. Last but not least, Haru tells Baron that she is in love with him. Baron tells her that he admires her for speaking from her heart and that she is always welcomed to the Cat Bureau.

Story: A-
Art: B+
Overall: A-

Ending Song:


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