Rants on glasses(megane)

Sad news… I just found out that I have megane (glasses) fetish. I knew I like megane’s and I also wear one but this is- SO not…

Now I think about it I really had wanted to wear glasses since I thought my lil cousin looks pretty cool with his glasses on.

Right now I’m surfing url’s like http://www.pixiv.net and deviantart.com to find pics which has megane.

Also, this is what happened to my tabs when I was searching for pics…


/me cries a river

Anyhow I think I still have nearly half a year left before I go to the opticians to get a new glasses.

Looking forward to getting a new one but the ones I want are very expensive and can be broken easily as I’m not a good care taker.

Last but not least, I leave you guys with some megane pics I found. XP


Next time it will probably be something to do with guns~

Also… how I wished my megane making me look better >.> n now off to draw some pics with megane.



2 responses to “Rants on glasses(megane)”

  1. Hiromi says :

    Lol weird fetish

  2. guuzentotamatama says :

    lol its not weird… i think its a good fetish unlike Nekomimi which i like too

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