Sekirei Review…



 Minato Sahashi

Minato Sahashi

Minato Sahashi is the protagonist of the series ; who has failed twice in the college entrance exam.

While talking to his disappointed mother while returning to his apartment he meets a girl named; Musubi. He soon learns that Musubi is a “Sekirei” and that he is her “Ashikabi” who is a human being who has special genes which makes them to wing (contract) “Sekirei”.

By allowing to from the contract a “Ashikabi” can bring out the abilities to its highest limit in their  “Sekirei” to fight other “Ashikabi” and their “Sekirei”

Later, in the series  Minato has to participate in the game to defeat  all the “Ashikabi” and their “Sekirei” to end the “The Game” or the “Sekirei Plan” organized by the chairman and founder of the MBI Corporation.

In addition, Minato leanrs that a  “Ashikabi” can wing more that one “Sekirei” and due to that trouble starts to occur around him.

Overall –
Animation: 4/5
BGM/Music: 4/5
Story plot: 4/5


all together there are two seasons of this anime and manga too~
Also, normally I don’t write stuff or watch anime with fan service ~(echii) however this series has good story plot and character plot so I recommend this to people who like fan service with good story plot.


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2 responses to “Sekirei Review…”

  1. Sekai says :

    Ain’t you a bit young to be watching this?

    lol but I can’t say anything I watch it too,
    funny thing is I agree that I it has a pretty good plot, all fanservice aside ^_^

  2. guuzentotamatama says :

    lol i think tis anime is 15+ so I’m approved =)

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