Work exp – 28/06 till 02/07 (What i do during my lunch time)

This time it was in Hunslow’s Solicitor. The location of it is very close to high street shops.


7 responses to “Work exp – 28/06 till 02/07 (What i do during my lunch time)”

  1. puccii says :

    oommoo!!! oommoo!!!
    look at the piles of manga book u collected der…
    turnin frm anime freak 2 manga freak!!

  2. cookie lady says :

    …wow u really made use of ur time..heheh..
    anyway why wont u enter that restaurant??… it’s a good place you know…

    tc >.<

  3. guuzentotamatama says :

    Thanks… XP
    well I’m not good with my surroundings when I’m all alone =(

  4. guuzentotamatama says :

    lol I would be saying I’m both but that makes me sound like I’m a geek.
    I don’t mind reading or watching things I am allowed to so I take all my chances.

  5. cookie lady says :

    ..ahahha momo ur funny..dont worry we will be with you very soon…^^


  6. Hummy says :

    Don’t have any regrets, ask one of your friends to go with you, I’m sure they’d be happy to! x

  7. guuzentotamatama says :

    lol thanks. yep during one of my friends b-day… we went there =) but since i ate from home i ate less there… ;_;

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