Last day of high school – 18/06/2010

Officially today my high school life has ended and also the last day of GCSE exam as well which was citizenship for me.



What I will miss about high school?

School uniform

School uniform

Will miss most of my friends...

most of my friends...

Well now I have no exams till September… but will be going to school to get my GCSE result which is near the end of August. > (Doki doki – heartbeat) <

But the up-coming event is PROM (don’t know if I will be going or not) Date – 22/06/10 (i think)


6 responses to “Last day of high school – 18/06/2010”

  1. Smile250 says :

    … We all hate school but we don’t want it to end.

    …did you enjoy highschool?

  2. Ed says :

    What are you going to wear? Hhahaa

  3. Aaho says :

    momo its 24th June not 22
    anyway u r coming..MWAHAHAHAHAH

  4. guuzentotamatama says :

    I didn’t attend it.

  5. guuzentotamatama says :

    Somewhat i guess… but i would like to go back to those days sometimes.

  6. Hiromi says :

    I’ve long abandoned my school uniform (not really that long though, about 7 months already).

    Good luck for your results! Hope it turns out –>A<–wesome for you.

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