London Expo (Saturday) Part 1

Took off from home at 8:15am arrived there around 11 ‘ish.
However, the queue was very very long T__T I was very amazed by the amount of attendees. ¬3¬

On the other hand, the hall was very packed so was hard to move around but it was fun.
Took lots of pics of cosplayers. ^^

My loot was very cheap – only £21.00.
However, out of £50.00 I only have £5.00 with me now. (other expenses = train fair, drinks, noodles)

Anyhow, Thanks to my other 4 friends in the group for going with me – Neha, Sabina and Monica.

p.s I will post pics asap when i get them on here and flickr and facebook ^^


4 responses to “London Expo (Saturday) Part 1”

  1. Hummy says :

    It looks like you managed to haul yourself some neat goodies!

  2. Smile250 says :

    … It was full of people?! I didn’t know uk had many anime fans. Nice post

  3. guuzentotamatama says :

    well don’t think all were anime fans… the event had si-fi features and gaming features too. Also, it was stated that more than 41,000 visitors attended than before so… yea.

  4. xlaw1994x says :

    Lucky you I didn’t go this time,
    busy revising 😦 and doing Art Work but seems like you bought some nice stuff 🙂
    Thats pretty cheap for posters I though they were usually 2 for £5 ?

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