13/04/2010 – Danny’s event

Danny Choo!

Danny Choo = a kool guy

The event’s schedule/presentations –

His life till this year eg – how he came to know about Japanese culture, manga, anime and
How he worked in Japanese store to make his Japanese better.
Jobs he did – also how he went to comfort zone (which is bad!)

About his work:

  • mirai.fm – web hosting for Good Smile Company and Cospa
  • tsubuyaku.com
  • Figure.fm
  • Otacool (magazine)
  • Chinka (To put of fire) – Ova later
  • DCTV (Dannychoo’s TV) – If it gets popular with folks in japan more than one episode ^^ time – On Tokyo TV In June (9th???)
  • Then his interest:
    Anime –

Mirai-chan's merchandise

Dollfie –

left to right - danny's daughters n some attendees daughters

Looking dollfie in real life makes me wanna buy them. However, I heard that just adopting daughters cost at least £400. ;_; I hope I can see more dollfie more ^^

Fast cars –
if they are only Ita-sha which are anime cars. In addition, the translation of Ita-sha is painful cars which i will let you wonder why.


um... LOL

um... LOL

Last but not least, he talked about how is it important not to only learn Japanese and also other things if one
wants to be more than a english teacher.

However, we had to deal with this blue “death” projection T__T (a.k.a – the projector not working)
Also, I was kind of down that we didn’t have question time to ask Danny ;__;

After the presentations we went to reception to mingle and got 4 business cards altogether. Also, it was fun making the cards.

Business "meishi" card

People who attend –

Talked to about 4/5 new people ^_^ very very nice people.
Some of the people where not really into anime and figures which was quite surprising but they were interested into japanese culture.

Group photo –

Group Photo (from left: Sabina, Me, Emily (meimei132) and Dannychoo

Thanks to Sabina for the pics ^^


7 responses to “13/04/2010 – Danny’s event”

  1. Danny Choo says :

    Thanks for coming along!

  2. Smile250 says :

    …whoa?! nice

  3. meimi132 says :

    Yaaaay thanks for posting the pic!! :wooooooop: I hate photos of me, but I’m soooo glad I have this one. Was awesome to meet you 🙂

  4. love_freec says :

    About the pictures – don’t mention it ^_- hehe
    It was a great day + I finally got to try melon bread C:

    Bring on the EXPO!! =DDDDD

  5. love_freec says :

    Oh and @Meimi132, If you like I can send you all of the pictures too 🙂 – On FB or something

  6. d.ark says :

    You must be @kumako08?

    Looks like you will be at EXPO.

    Make sure to pop by the group of BJD owners who will be congregating somewhere in the hallway both Saturday and Sunday!

    Gives you a chance to have a look at them before you decide if you actually want to spend all that money on one and talk to owners about how they chose what they did.

    And yes, they are that expensive but some brands are a lot cheaper than Volks and equally as good quality.

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