School life – Year 11 (My sstudent life rant!)

Year 11 is hard ;_; lol I guess every year is but having 2 mock exams than 1 time sure puts lots of pressure on the students (good & bad).

For example…

By the end of this month our class has to submit 4 English coursework (where i still have one to do) and have to do 2 oral presentations for English ( a individual talk and drama).

In addition, the individual talk is this coming monday and we have to practice during this weekend >.> (I probably will be talking about anime again!) T__T


One response to “School life – Year 11 (My sstudent life rant!)”

  1. xlaw1994x says :

    Hey Thanks for the comment on my “horibbly-hardly-updated-blog”!

    I would have replied earlier but well… meh coursework as well lol

    I was thinking about the english coursework, put it this way at least you was quite lucky to be able to hand it in at the end of march, In my school we had to hand it all in during the middle of february.

    Oh and I forgot to add we had to do 5 ^^;

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