well… have been busy with school lately since I have deadline to meets for my ICT and English >___<(this is due to me being lazy). Also got results for my re-takes exams I did where i didn’t get the grades I was supposed to T_T.

had a B in maths but after re-take got A /
had a C in Science but after re-take got B =)

For the results I got I would like to thank my friend for giving me a tuition ^^ but i guess i should start being independent ;_;) In addition, I had a science (Bio) test which I thought I did pretty good but  I always do crap >.>

desktop (Letter Bee)

Currently listening to :

Yui – Gloria (Japanese)
2pm – Heartbeat (Korean)
Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
Kiss- Because I’m a girl (eng ver.)
Shakira – Did it again

Series finished watching:
Samurai High School (.feat Miura Harumi 3.5/5) [drama]

However, me and my friends might go watch Avatar or some movie later this weekend if everything goes according to plan (but i don’t think we had any plan .___.)


One response to “09-20/01/09”

  1. Smile250 says :

    Nice desktop!

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