Winter 09/10 – First Impression of winter anime – So Ra No Wo To ep 1

Okay thought I would try this out~

Well since my net will be working slow for this month which means can’t dl the new ep’s of the new anime so will be posting pictures from google~

Sora No Woto (Sound of the Sky)

Opening Sequence:

(Hikari no Senritsu) by Kalafina. Pretty nice song with nice lyrics, meaning and touching. (Hikari no Senritsu) by Kalafina rocked for Kara no Kyoukai theme songs but they rocked it here too!

Ep 1:

Our main character of So Ra No Wo To, Sorami Kanata joins army to learn music a.k.a so she can play the trumpet. Sorami Kanata later arrives at tow n of Seize where she is assigned and the town is having a festival . She ends up participating in the festival and gets her uniformed soaked in dye.

Then she meets a fellow solider who is in same group as her, Kazumiya Rio and she is given to bathe. During that, Rio tells Kanata about the reason for celebrating the festival which involves maidens of the town protecting the city. Later on, Kanata hears a sound of a bell and she can identify the sound. The bell is taken by the owl while Kanata was holding it.

Rio tells Kanata that it’s okay but Kanata goes to find the bell instead of going to the fort. Then, Kanata finds the bell but falls in the water since the cliff broke. Kanata swims back up and realises that she’s lost. Then she blows her trumpet for help which afterwards Rio responds to the sounds by blowing back her trumpet.

The, Kanata loses her consciousness. When she is awake she is in her fort next to Rio. After getting back the bell Rio leads Kanata to the rooftop of the fort and plays the Sound of Sky with her trumpet. She also tells Kanata that she will be teaching her trumpet. Last but not least, Kanata is told to play the Morning call in her trumpet but it turns out that Kanata can’t play the trumpet properly.


Ending Sequence:
Girls, Be Ambitious. by (Tomatsu Haruka). The song it self is pretty catchy and energetic but I like the op ❤

My opinion:
Rate: 3.5
I think the anime it self is pretty promising so i will continue to watch it. ^^


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