New year Resolution!

taiga from toradora

Taiga new Year

Happy Early New Year~ Hope you guys have a wonderful tiger year~ ^^

well I guess its time for this now; here it is:

  1. be more thoughtful; in school, RL (real life), family
  2. be less more lazy since I really am one for example i can’t even be asked to make noddles ;_;
  3. collect enough money to buy a tablet by January
  4. write more posts
  5. be less depressed since most of my 2009 where 99.9% depressing days  (100% [1d.p])
  6. revise for my test and get good grades.
  7. Last but not least, just end each day of 2010 with a smile and no regrets

P.S most of the resolution are only competed like 1% which is to watch anime as more as i can >.> Also I haven’t regretted any days of this 2009. some pics:


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