work? love?

My work experience has ended and unlike some people; for me it was ok and had to do it for whole 2 week. Old news anyway let’s get to the point.

[16:48] <Kristen> chibi-tan, will you marry me?
[16:49] <@chibi04> eto Kristen-chan…
[16:50] <@Yunno> chibi, say yes
[16:50] <@Yunno> nao
[16:50] <@Tyan> wow, Kristen is blunt
[16:50] <@chibi04> that came out fo no-where any reason for saying that?
[16:50] <Kristen> Because I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you
[16:51] * @Tyan pities chibi-chan
[16:52] <@Yunno> later 😀
[16:52] <@chibi04> well… I do love/like <i don’t know what one to choose> Kristen-chan but I don’t think I’m the suitable one for Kristen-chan ^_^
[16:52] <@Suicider> Worlds Collide: WIN, TOTAL WIN –
[16:52] * @Kristen cries in a corner
[16:53] <@Suicider> Kristen, open that image
[16:53] <@Suicider> you’ll cheer u p
[16:53] <@Suicider> up*
[16:53] <@Kristen> 🙂
One of my random chat in IRC on hitode-staff chan ^_^ Internet sure is fun ;3
p/s Kristen-chan is a girl >_< oh n chibi04 is me.
If somehow the person I love was a girl, what would I do?
<anime: Aio Hana. Theme: Shoujo-ai, Romance.  I’m wondering if I should watch it now or when it stop’s airing>

3 responses to “work? love?”

  1. Garra... says :

    Omoomomomomoomomomomommomommomommomoo x infinity…

    what the hell! Yo momochi y didnt you say that(about the chat i mean) to us? ;-; YAH! ….CHUCHi!!! anyway…WOOPPEE MAMATA’S IN LU-URVE!!!! OH YEAH!! WOOHOOO! SPRING LOVE!!!! WAit its not even spring love or love for the matter…it’s DUN DUN DUN MARRIAGE!!!! *gasp* heheheheheheheheheh

  2. Garra... says :

    OH WAIT!!! got the wrong impression…ehhehehehehehehe it was a girl OH that came as a shock pwahahahahaha

  3. mrskye08 says :

    hi mamata XD this is your old onii-chan hehe. that’s fine i think. this is the perfect time to search for your identity. you will definitely learn a lot from your experience there. just don’t forget, no matter what happens, always choose not to hurt people. ^^,

    well i’m kinda jealous. honestly i was hoping to meet you sometime and be your boyfriend. hahaha XD but that’s almost impossible… we’re worlds apart from each other, we’re cultures away from each other and barely knew each other… hehehe

    anyway, i’ll just be here somewhere in a corner of this world supporting you, waiting for a mail/wordpress message/CR guestbook… just keep in touch ok? janakute!


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