Hi…well anyway let’s get to the POINT!

Hi, there to everyone reading this blog/post. I’m also gonna help kumako write stuff and write some myself, you can also call me other half of kumako^^.

As for today I’m going to talk about why I  watch anime as there can’t always be reason just watching it for fun. For me anime is just a way to back away from the reality which I dislike so much as theirs nothing good for me but making friends sure are fun but you never know when you will get left out by them  <hopefully this is just my imagination>.

Studies show:
Intelligent people are more depressed
Because they know
What the world is really like
Don’t think for a beat it makes it better
When you tell them to sit down and tell them
Everything gonna be all right
They know in society they either are
A devil or an angel with no in between

Well I did edit some words but hopefully you guys won’t mind >_< . In a way you guys can count me as one of the above people as their’s just too mch get in my head. Anyway that’s it for today, last but not least it would be great if you guys reading can also leave a reason one why you choose to watch anime or anything which makes you feel better.

Now then guuzentotamatama singning off.


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