Ristorante Paradiso…

Well right now I’m watching too much anime >_< but one of the interesting anime from this season to me is the following anime. Oh and just click on the main image to watch online in legal way.


Ristorante Paradiso .

This anime is about a girl, Nicoletta who’s 21 who goes to Rome to meet up with her mom but she get’s caught up between Casetta Dell’orso’  a restaurant which is entierly staffed by older gentlemen wearing glasses (cause of her mom’s pefrence). But during her time in the resturant she fall’s in love with a staff working there. So, this anime is a story about Nicoletta life with Casetta Dell’orso’ staff’s.


Animation: 3.5/5

Songs (Op/Ed): 4/5

Story Plot: 3.5/5


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