Toradora! 21


  • Class go to the Ski resort as planned in last ep.
  • Hisamitsu gets into an argument with Nanako because of how she always comes between Taiga and Yusaku and it makes more conflit occurs when Yusaku doesn’t know the reason why they are fighting.
  • Ryuji, Yusaku and other boy’s go to visit the girl’s drom but they get into trouble as Taiga comes.
  • As Taiga goes to open the cupboard Ami, Minorin, Nanako and her friend arrvies so Ryuji pulls Taiga in!
  • Ami and Minorin get’s into fight on how Minorin turned Ryuji down also how Ami doesn’t know anything about her.
  • In the morning while out skiing Ami and Minorin gets into fight and  Taiga disappears after seeing hairpin lost in the conflict.
  • Later in the evening the character’s find that Taiga is missing and a blizzard is coming.
  • Minorin, Ryuji and Yusaku goes to find Taiga the weather.
  • Ryuji finds Taiga covered in snow and how she’s is injured but still alive and semi-conscious.
  • As Ryuji carries Taiga back to the lodge and Taiga think’s that Ryuji is Yasaku, whom she tell’s how she is in LOVE with Ryuji and how she want’s to forget about him and get stronger but she can’t just stop loving him.

My view:

Well got to say that this is one of my favaurtie anime from Fall 2008 . What an EPIC episode, just can’t get enough of it. Had 3 best part in this ep… obviously, one of them had to be when Taiga confessis. Now with only 5 episodes left…can’t wait to see how this ANIME ends!!!


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